Room Description

This room is a comfortable and compact space with two single beds. There is a Kotatsu built into the floor. This was a traditional heating system for winter period but it is now converted to a table that can be used conveniently. The room is facing the garden. Size of the room is 16m2.

By night for:
1 guest
2 guests
Room charge
9.000 jpy
14.000 jpy
The price shown above is the room charge depending on the number of guests per night without including taxes. The final price including taxes will be displayed before you confirm your booking request.

For celebrating the opening of the hotel we offer a special rate for the year 2016. The rates will be renewed at the beginning of each year. All rooms are air-conditioned. Toilets, showers and bath are located just outside the door. Normally a specific shower and a toilet are assigned to each room separately.
For more guests additional fare is needed please refer to the following table.

If you're coming with children under 12 y/o please tell us how many children and the age of each, we will provide you a special discount.

  • Free WIFI
  • Free bicycle rental
  • Parking space (800 yens per day)
  • Breakfast